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About Multicolor

This Discord Bot was written in Hungary, which has many useful functions. It can be used in Hungarian and English languages. 0/24 Host.

Continuous improvements

Our Bot is under constant development and maintenance. We are constantly adding useful and interesting features.

Active staff

The staff currently consists of two members who are dedicated developers.


The commands in the bot expand widely, from fun options to moderation. We develop the bot based on user requests.

Completely unique code

The Multicolor bot was written entirely from 0, during which time it underwent a lot of innovations, which were also implemented based on unique ideas.


If you have any problems with bot operation, please contact us on the support server.

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Our bot has a normal commands furthermore there are some custom features

Music icon


Our bot has the best and most commands. It can be change down the most music bot and it can make a good feelings

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Our bot can do funny stuffs, can color the server and we have mote than 10 fun commands

87 Servers
16076 Users
4724 Channels

Our Team



Bot Developer

Hello, I'm xy0505 and I'm the official developer of the bot. My hobby is programming and I will study this in college as well



Website | Bot Developer

Hello, I am 🛹SkaterBoy🛹. I am learning programming and I would like to go to university with it. Also I love skateboarding and reading.

Multicolor Bot

We would like to verify our main bot.
To do that, Discord requires the bot not to be present in servers having less than 20 members
(bots not included in the count).
If your server falls below the limit please invite our second bot, MulticolorBot 2.
  • Prefix is: ( - )
  • Moderations
  • Music
  • Fun
  • 0-24 host
  • English - Hungary languages
  • Hacking course
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Gaming channels


What is the MulticolorBot?

MulticolorBot has 55 commands, moderation, music, fun and other usual commands. You can find all commands inside the Commands categorie

Is it free?

Absolutely, however we have some premium commands which will be paid functions in the future

If I use the multicolor function, will I get a ban?

You wont get a ban because the bot cannot change the rank more than 900 on a day

The bot is not authenticated so can the bot destroy my server?

Of course the bot cannot destroy the server. The token and the source code are private and no one has access to only the two developers

Is my data secure?

Of course, your data is in secure and no one can acces your data