>help None Shows available commands or help for a specific command
@MulticolorBot None Retrieves the bot prefix
>ping None Shows the bot's latency info
>say None Sends the given message with your name
>say -nn None Sends the given message without your name
>purge [1 - 99] MANAGE_MESSAGES Message delete
>lang [hu or en] MANAGE_ROLES Shows available languages or sets the language on the server
>prefix [Enter the prefix] MANAGE_ROLES Shows or sets the bot prefix on the server
>serverinfo None Shows information about the server
>userinfo (@Member_Name) None Shows information about your or another user's profile
>channelinfo (#Channel_Name) None Shows information about the current or another channel
>aliases None Shows all aliases
>invite None Shows the bot's invite link
>report [Bug] None Submit an error report
>idea [Your idea] None Submit an idea
>poll [Question] None Create poll message
>kick (@Member_Name) [reason] KICK_MEMBER Kick the mentioned user with the given reason
>ban (@Member_Name) [reason] BAN_MEMBER Bans the mentioned user with the given reason
>banlist BAN_MEMBER Shows the list of banned users
>unban (ID) BAN_MEMBER Unbans the user whose ID was given
>unban all BAN_MEMBER Unbans all banned users
>play [Link] None Plays music in your voice channel
>playtop [Link] None Adds track(s) to the beginning of the music queue. Starts playing if the queue is empty
>stop None Stops playing music and clears the whole queue
>leave None Stops playing music and leaves the voice channel
>queue None Displays the playlist
>jump [name of music] None Jumps to a specific song in the queue
>move None Moves a song to a specific position or before another song in the playlist
>swap None Swaps two songs in the playlist
>lyrics None Shows the lyrics of a specific song or the currently playing one
>loop None Sets the playlist loop type or turns off looping
>seek None Seeks to a given position in the song
>shuffle None Shuffles the playlist
>skip None Skips the currently playing song
>back None Goes back to the previous song
>clear None Clears the playlist
>pause None Pauses the current song
>resume None Resumes the current song
>volume [between 0-200] None Sets the volume of the bot in the voice channel
>bassboost [boost: 0-400] None Boosts the bass of the music playing
>speed [amount: 0.25-2] None Sets the speed of the music playing
>filter [effect] None Sets the sound effect
Available effects: soft, bassboost, vaporwave, nightcore, pop, treblebass, 8D, karaoke, vibrato, tremolo
>coinflip None Flips a coin
>dice None Rolls the dice
* >rps (Your sign) None Rock, Paper, Scissorc game against bot
>basketball None Throws a basketball
>soccer None Kick the ball
* >riddles None A random riddle
>minesweeper None Minesweeper game
>cat None Sends a cute cat image
>meme None Sends random meme
>format None Prints the given text in the selected format. To see the list of formats write the command only
>multicolor [@Role] MANAGE_ROLES Colors the given roles every given minutes. Minimum is 2 minutes multiplied with the amount of colored roles so as not to get rate limited
>multicolor [@Role] stop MANAGE_ROLES Stops the multicolor function
>monitor [@Name #log-channel] MANAGE_ROLES Sends the activity of a monitored user to a specific channel
>monitor [@Name] off MANAGE_ROLES Stops monitoring the user
>limit [@név] MANAGE_ROLES Prevents the limited user from doing specific actions